Luxury knitwear for all

What’s Aethel about?

Aethel is a small, family business based in north London.

We design and knit sweaters in the finest yarns, matching all the qualities of luxury brands.

By selling direct to you, our customers, we keep prices as competitive as possible.

We choose to lay out the manufacturing cost of each sweater. Since we use such fine yarn and knit to high standards here in the UK, our sweaters are expensive but we hope they remain good value for years to come.

Fine yarns, knitted in London, sent to you from Islington, N1.

Who is Aethel?

Gertrude Aethel Annie How was born in 1900 and started work in a Romsey clothes shop aged 16. She was my grandmother.

Gertrude had strong values written within her name. Aethel means ‘noble’ and ‘honourable’ in Anglo Saxon. She would remind her grandson that life should always be lived this way. We do our best to uphold these values now her name is also our brand.

What others say

“These London-made knits are very Old Celine.... Aethel’s colours and details, such as split vents and cable stitching for extra durability are the kind that lift a knit from the banal to a gem”

Lisa Armstrong
Head of Fashion, The Telegraph

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