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Bubblegum Pink

The Perfect V


Colour:Bubblegum Pink
Bubblegum Pink

The Perfect V? Apologies for the over-claim. 

We believe that the Perfect V is a lovely sweater. Like the Uncomplicated Crew, it fuses our trademark details with a simple, classic style. 

The Perfect V has a fine, sandwich trim neck, cables running along its side seams, a deep hem and long cuffs. 

The V's fit is relaxed.

Our French designer says "Ca va avec tout" (It goes with everything).

She wears her normal size under a jacket or coat but on easy-going days she sizes up to combine the Perfect V with jeans and an equally oversized shirt. 

Bubblegum Pink
Bubblegum Pink
Cost Breakdown
Cariaggi and Loro Piana 2/28 cashmere yarn
Knitting and linking
Transport to your door
Value added tax
Direct Costs£163.83
Traditional Retail Price£390 - £750
Aethel Price£290
What you don't pay for
✕ Wholesaler✕ Global Transport✕ Retailer✕ Celebrity Advertising
Bubblegum Pink

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