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The Outsized Knit


Colour:Holly Blue
Holly Blue

Outsized, with its Raglan sleeves, deep, split seams, and ribbed cuffs and hems, makes it easy to face the Winter cold.

700 grammes of Loro Piana’s longhair cashmere will be between you and the outside world.

The knit is fluid and soft, not super chunky and the long turtleneck a comfy place to hide from the elements. Wear it over jeans, tailored pants, pyjama trousers or a slip dress, Outsized will look great with a blazer or a parka.

Our customers say that Outsized is well suited to home working - good for keeping the drafts at bay during Zoom calls and for walking the dog in your wellies.

Holly Blue
Holly Blue
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It’s Smart.It’s Slouchy.

For work and for play

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